The Megiddo Revenge is Now Available!

It seems like eons ago that I wrote the  the bit about Megiddo being ‘nearlyt done’! It’s out there and available as a paperback and eBook in all the formats.   Any support you can give would really be appreciated!


Almost September, back on dry land again – and The Megiddo Revenge is nearly done!!  Whew, it’s been a busy year so far – joined the Komati on 1st January (whose idea was that?) in Ningbo, China,  then back home in March for a ridiculously short four weeks of R & R . Hardly got my feet dry when it was time to head  off to Korea to fetch a spanking new ship, the Labrea. So I’ve been round the world twice, had three transits of the #@!!# Gulf of Aden Piracy Zone and now it’s time to be done with the proof reading, finalize the formatting and hopefully Megiddo will be ready to roll!


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